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750 Words exists because of mutual good will between the people that run this site (Buster & Kellianne) and the people who use it (you). The site wouldn't exist without the generosity, patience, and humor of everyone involved. For the first 3+ years that the site was running (Dec 2009 to May 2013), the site was free to use but with some encouragement to donate. That served us well (and most importantly, generated enough income to keep the site up), but as the site grew the need for support also grew.

On June 12th 2013, all existing users of the site were given lifetime free accounts (we hope you'll continue to donate when you can). New accounts created after June 12th, 2013 are now required to become members within 30 days after signing up in order to keep writing. Everyone will always have access to previous writings, stats, etc, even if they choose not to become members.

We're listening to your feedback and want to make sure that first and foremost, we offer a friendly and safe place for people to dump their private thoughts. I expect that we'll continue to adjust the way this all works for the near term. Thanks for being an awesome community!

Who runs this site?

Our names are Buster and Kellianne, we live in Berkeley, California with our two sons (Niko and Louie) and this is something we've built and run in our spare time.

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Notes of inspiration from members

3 cups

In August 2018, I made a goal of writing every day. I looked for a solid app to use to support this goal and I loved the simplicity of 750 Words! Since then, my love of writing has blossomed, I’ve gotten to explore story ideas and thoughts that I have every day, and I even managed to successfully complete NaNoWriMo 2018! It’s not an exaggeration to say that 750 Words has changed my life for the better.

Testimonial Note from Shayna M. on Fri, Dec 21
1 cup
iOS App

Please and thank you. It would great to jot down my writings on the subway, and continue when I get to hte office, or home.

New Feature Request Note from Ferris Bueller on Fri, Dec 21
2 cups
Customizable Word Count Goal

I think that it would be a good idea to be able to change the number of words that it is your goal to write every day so that it can be something other than 750. Of course, that can be the default but I know that I myself, and many other people as well would probably benefit from being able to change it to either something simpler like 500 words or more arduous like 1500. I think that this would be easy to make and very useful – just a little box in settings showing your word count goal.

New Feature Request Note from AlphaLord on Mon, Dec 17
1 cup
An iPhone/iPad app

As others have said, when I write on my iPad, it often jumps back to the top of the page and I can’t see what I’m typing without manually scrolling back down. My vote is either for a dedicated app or improved mobile experience to the regular site. Thank you!

New Feature Vote from Lizzy on Fri, Dec 14
2 cups

More than words on this textbox can describe. To be honest it is difficult. It is difficult to show up at the page and write. I have noticed the internal change because this past week I have done half pages and/or no pages on a few days and watched my emotions/mood drop.

Typing is easier than writing morning pages.

Having tracking is amazing and keeps you from lying to yourself.

The piechart is very interesting and I am wondering how exactly it works and if it is extremely accurate. Weird that some times I think I am happy/positive and the piechart says I am sad/negative haha

Testimonial Note from Ryan on Fri, Dec 14
1 cup

I am working on an ED. D. at Point Park University in Pgh. PA, and 750 words is helping me to sort through, and analyze articles for chapter two of my dissertation.
Just knowing that there are so many people writing 750 words daily is enough to keep me focused on my goal. Keep up the inspiring work everyone. KP

Testimonial Note from Keith E Parton on Thu, Dec 13
1 cup

I get so much from doing this daily exercise, Dame Darcy Bussell was talking her dysltexia and how once she started to enjoy ballet that she was able to keep on keeping on so to speak and that is the value for me with this being daily really appreciate all your see notes of encouragement and I just felt today, which is a difficult day for me for personal reasons after a sudden bereavement, I just love to be able to savour that fact that I may not be able to do some stuff in my life at the moment and feel a bit powerless but yes, have done my 750 words for today and have got another tick in my box for that and do you know there is something quite rewarding to be able to say I have done 750 days of 750 words. feel like an achiever. I may not ever be a ballerina Darcy but the 750 words folk have inspired to be able to keep on keeping on thank so much X

Testimonial Note from Marilyn Jean Hazlett on Wed, Dec 12
1 cup
An iPhone/iPad app

Every time write and use “return” key it takes me to the top of the page and i couldn’t see what to type next. I have to use the down arrow key in order to continue to keep typing. This is inconvience and slow me down when typing. Help!

New Feature Vote from Mary Le on Wed, Dec 12
1 cup

I’m relatively new to this practice (17 days) but I already feel my mind shedding old, habitual ways of thinking and moving on to more interesting thoughts. It’s hard to describe and impossible to measure, but I’m sure I’m a “better person” – more alert, open, communicative, in-touch, alive in the world – than I was 18 days ago. So thanks!

Testimonial Note from Wheaton Simis on Wed, Dec 12
1 cup

Simply thrilled that I am writing. Very grateful for this web site and for the organizers who created a space for us to write! I’m on a writing streak and I feel wonderful. Liberating, motivating, comforting. The grace experienced when I write every day. This space supports my motivation to show up for my writing every day. Helps me honor other precious commitments to myself.

Testimonial Note from LaFemmeEnRouge on Tue, Dec 11
1 cup is an unwanted expense for me right now, (because I stopped working and my husband pays for me, not because it’s unreasonable) but it’s such an important part of my writing process.

I’m such a disorganized person and 750 Words keeps my writing organized, it lets me search for anything so I can put everything in a huge jumble and it will come out sorted by date, and searchable by subject, it’s private so I can write without being brave.

It gives me a reason to write, to see the graph, or just get a small sense of achievement that I finished the 750 word goal, even if it’s not part of a book or a financially successful blog, or even a solid topic.

I haven’t yet completed anything that makes me proud in life, I’ve lived by my values and done the right thing often, so I can look at myself, I can sleep at night, but I haven’t had the determination and organization to complete even one large project that meant anything to me personally. So, it’s hard for me to believe in myself that I ever will complete anything large, meaningful, difficult, I’ve faced the fact that I should start on tiny projects and build my skills, my confidence, and my momentum, but it’s a struggle everyday to fight the voice of inner doubt that says because I haven’t done anything major, I never will, or that whatever I do won’t matter, I don’t even know if it will matter in my most optimistic times, but I want to believe that not giving up matters irregardless of the project.

I want to believe it, because if I let go of that belief, I don’t have anything left to believe in, it’s the foundation for getting up when I fall and getting out of bed everyday and somehow 750 Words is one of the cornerstones upon which my life as a writer is built.

Testimonial Note from Sequoia Mendoza on Tue, Dec 11
10 cups
An iPhone/iPad app
New Feature Vote from WallofIllusion on Tue, Dec 11
46 cups
An iPhone/iPad app

I almost exclusively write my words from my phone, and for some reason recently when I’m writing from Safari, every time I hit the enter button it takes me back to the top of the screen, so I can’t see what I’m writing anymore. That means every line I have to stop writing and scroll back to the bottom. I would love a better mobile experience, especially if it were an app.
Also, I would love to have more badges. I would be happy with repeating the first badges even, because it’s been a few years since I’ve made those accomplishments. I really hope you’ll listen to these suggestions, because I’ve seen a lot of other people echoing these same sentiments. We love using this site and would like to continue using it for years to come.

New Feature Vote from Brittany Paul on Tue, Dec 11
1 cup

I just want to say thank you for this site. I was dealing with a lot of pent up anger and resentment before I started coming here, and now I have the cheapest therapist that money can buy! I am more motivated, writing more, and getting more done since I joined then I have in the last five years. It might be a stretch to say that you saved my life, but you definitely helped me to recover much of my sanity. This is less of a chore and more of a welcome release every morning. Thank you!

Testimonial Note from The Dragon Lady on Thu, Dec 06
5 cups

I was looking back to when I actually started writing on this site and it goes back to December 2012. This site has been that kick in the butt I have needed to keep me writing on a daily basis since I deeply love writing. I would also like to say that the creative idea with the badges makes the writing more fun and inspirational. I especially like the newly added ones such as the Griffin and give my alms to those writers on this site who actually managed to have the discipline to earn it. Lately my writing has been up and down due to a divorce that I am going through but writing has really helped me to cope with it and the depression enabling me to see that possible light at the end of the tunnel. I just want to give props to the creators of this website and say, keep up the good work. You are fantastic and I will continue to keep up the writing.

Testimonial Note from Zahir Hasan on Wed, Dec 05
50 cups

YAHOO!! I finally reached 1 million words. I love getting my head together every morning and setting my intentions for the day! Thank you so much for this amazing place to do this!

Testimonial Note from Lisa Check on Tue, Dec 04
1 cup

I just want to take the time to say that I really appreciate this site existing. It is a form of self-therapy for me. I am someone engaged currently in a very stressful, high-performance career, while also trying to maintain a committed relationship, all while having to constantly fly/commute to another city for work. The isolation and need to make a change for myself led to me journaling here on 750 Words.

I cannot say enough how much stress and anxiety i am able to relieve when writing, while also being able to go back and objectively read not only my reflections and day-to-day happenings, but also get data-driven insight into my state of mind while writing.

It can be a real challenge to keep up the habit given all that is going in my life, but I just want to say to anyone else that is in a similar situation – do not give up! Journaling really can help you a lot more than you think, and it will lead you each day toward a better mindset as long as you keep at it and don’t give up. Change is hard. Establishing healthy habits is challenging. But neither of these things are impossible. Keep trying! Keep writing! Did I say it enough times yet?? Don’t give up!

Testimonial Note from Adam Gresch on Tue, Dec 04
2 cups

For a while there, I lost a big part of myself. I went months without writing, letting all my ideas sit in my head or on documents that would collect virtual dust on my desktop. A couple months ago, a tidal wave of inspiration hit, and I managed to pull myself together and get back into the game. I don’t know if I could have done it without 750words.

I’m so incredibly grateful for this website. I function a lot better with a bit of routine, and watching that streak counter creep ever so slowly towards higher digits reminds me just how far I’ve come from that person that couldn’t even try to pick up a pen or get her hands on a keyboard without feeling overwhelmed and insanely self-critical. Slowly, I’m learning how to write for myself, without the crippling self-doubt leering over my shoulder – I’m remembering that writing, for me, can be fun.

I’m nearly at 70 days in a row, and just completed my third NaNoWriMo. I’m thinking of the future, and finally, not just imagining the days of regret and guilt from not writing at all. I’m thinking of all the stories and tidbits of writing I’ll have, thanks to this website and all that it’s helped me accomplish. Thank you so much for everything!!

Testimonial Note from Jess Phillips on Mon, Dec 03
1 cup
Title font change

I have been away for a bit but I’ve been paying my dues while I was away…I’m going to use these letters I’ve earned to request that the title font be changed… what happened??

New Feature Request Note from Rebecca Harris on Sun, Dec 02
1 cup
Google Spread Sheet Connection

I pull some of the data and manually add it to a google spreadsheet to track word counts, time actually written, and stuff like that. There is a ton of amazing stats that 750words provides writers.

I can actually get some of the data using IMPORTXML and IMPORTHTML functions from the shareable page like this

But it would be nice to have it in a table or list format so that it could be pulled automatically to populate my spreadsheets for me.

I’m no programmer, so I don’t know exactly how it would work, but I think just having an easily identifiable info on a list (somewhat like the monthly stats page at would be amazing.

New Feature Request Note from Dave Bailey on Sun, Dec 02
1 cup

I am a troubled write, I start then I stop and after a time start again… Well, I just started again today and it’s absolutely awesome! I completely forgot how good it actually feels when I write. Being in one of my more depressive streeks at the moment, does not help, but I think and hope I will be able to get myself out of it in time. So I would say if you are currently in a downer, give it a try – just WRITE and see what happens when you do it. It can help to rediscover some amazing things and better coping mechanisms. Let’s all continue to write together! Blessed Be x

Testimonial Note from Anastasia Lewis on Sun, Dec 02
4 cups

750 words has been the magical, motivational, and nonjudgmental place that always gets me writing again. thank you.

Testimonial Note from C Connor Rasmussen on Sun, Dec 02
5 cups

Just want to say Thanks for running the site! I have a lifetime membership but I find writing every day has been so useful to me, I wanted to add a little financial support as well.

Testimonial Note from Mary Sekiya on Sat, Dec 01
1 cup

750 Words has seen me through the end of my teenage years, through leaving home for the first time and through my first full-time job. I owe you many more cups of coffee for the years I’ve been using it (although I might have to start paying for them when aforementioned job starts paying a little more…)

Testimonial Note from Nina Hayes-Thompson on Sat, Dec 01
1 cup

Woo hoo! I did NANOWRIMO and wrote a self-help book about porn addiction! Yay! Grateful for this site. Write even when you don’t feel like it.

Testimonial Note from Amy K. on Sat, Dec 01
1 cup

For years and years, I’ve wisted after doing Nanowrimo. I’ve gotten started, and stopped. I’ve given up. Too far behind. Too frustrated trying to write plot.

In the middle of October, I discovered I gave it a try. I got a ten day streak. I started pushing for Cheetah and Hamster.

11/29, I wound up at 50008 words for the month of November, all of it fiction. It’s not ‘a novel’, not remotely; I didn’t try to discipline myself to telling a story in order, but jumped all over writing scenes from various times and perspectives. But it could be a heck of a good start on one.

And I wrote 50,000 words of fiction in the month. (Plus whatever I write 11/30.)

That’s pretty awesome, and it feels good to know I can do it.

And I don’t think I would have without

Testimonial Note from elms on Sat, Dec 01
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments

What about the idea of… I dunno.. after 1M words, a badge? Or perhaps publishing badges?

New Feature Vote from Mazarine on Fri, Nov 30
1 cup

There is something to be said about the legendary writers. The ones that drank and drugged themselves to death or killed themselves. People idolize them because their lives are romanticized but they would never have needed to medicate or commit suicide if they were somewhat satisfied with their lives. I’m not saying a writer should not have some sense of suffering and struggle, these are the things that good writing is about because it is part and partial of what life is all about. But if you look into these writers’ lives, you’ll find things that aren’t part of the romantic picture the legends and movies tell us. You’ll see people like Thompson who was a prolific writer and participant in the new journalism movement whose life, though portrayed as glamorous, were full of self-depreciation. Thompson was a failed hippie, stuck in his past and unable to take his brand of suffering into the new world. This is unfortunate as Tom Waits once said, “Bad writing is ruining our suffering”…or something like that. With the loss of these types of writers, we lost the works they could have put out, the works that could have changed the landscape of literature. Instead of having more Thompson, Hemingway, et al, to choose from, we have more space on the shelves for Rowling, Sparks, Koontz, et al. I suppose those types of book have their place, but we lack the writers that have something to say and say it instead of wrapping it in wizards and war. Then we have guys like Cornell and Bourdain, cut down in what I think was their prime of their creative existences. Cornell was the quintessential musician and artist. He was constantly evolving and trying out new methods and styles. His music had something to say, something most people could relate to in some sense. And Bourdain. He wasn’t that good of a writer, but he had a vision of representing chefs and the kitchen world in general through books, comics, TV shows, etc. yet also teaching us all something about other cultures, both here and abroad.
I used to want to be one of these types. Drunk, drugged, miserable, staring at a typewriter obsessing over creating the next un-creatable work. Filled with passion and love and suffering and hate. But to what end? It didn’t work, at least not for me. Those that I looked to as muses faded away, the words died, and I threw passion away, burned love at the stake and poured icy water upon hate and suffering. So, what is left? Does a person have any creativity left with these things jettisoned into deep space? You’re damn right they do. I set these feelings aside, embraced a more stoic mindset and stopped looking to people to validate me and be muses, that my mind is free, a muse in and of itself, free of the desire to please another, hate something, wallow in suffering for sufferings sake, and since doing so, I have written more than I have in the past year in just a few months. Varying works that wander all over the literary map. I have explored different techniques and styles and have collected a group of infant children that I will nurture and grow into a family of my own creation in due time. In my time.
I can channel the creative spirits of Hemingway and Thompson and Thoreau and Hawthorne, those taken from us by time or by their own hand. I can learn from them and pass on what they intended for the world through my own works. I may never be as prolific as these, but if you look at the books that have been coming out lately, I don’t have too. What I do have to do is keep writing, even if nothing ever gets published and all I have to show for my work is a pile of rejection letters. What is a rejection letter but proof that someone, even if it was just one person, read the work rejected? Someone read my work! This excites me. Oh, sure, some other people have read some of my work, but by and large they skim over it, give some watery comments and that’s the end of it. No real discussion is had, no real criticism. The passion for good writing is rare. You can’t call yourself a writer if you don’t write and if you don’t read. We have to do both of these things even if we have jobs, families and/or other responsibilities. The world needs writers. It needs us to create and to live and keep creating and keep living. Seven Hundred Fifty words at a time, we can change the world and leave our mark in ink and not blood. Keep writing.

Testimonial Note from Anonymous on Fri, Nov 30
1 cup
More stats on the Eternity page
New Feature Vote from Chat Errant on Thu, Nov 29
7 cups has helped keep me alive. I am in the one month challenge, hit one million words this month on the site, and when so much of life is changing, I have my words and my writing practice for stability and sanity. It’s my rock! I’m intending to write a novel, though I’m happy to just have continued my streak and been able to make and hit what I already have this month. With about 2500 more words then I will make the 50,000 word goal, and it builds confidence and helps me understand the past, create the future, and be with right now better, so it’s good for habit building and neural pathways. Yay for everyone who makes and uses this site. In honor of officially adopting my dog Liv today, who I am writing about a lot, even though she sighs or leaves the room at the sound of this keyboard, which is obscenely loud, here are all my cups of patronage! xo

Testimonial Note from Karilen Mays on Thu, Nov 29