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Notes of inspiration from members

15 cups

I’m back for the first time since September last and closing in on that flamingo for the umpteenth time since I started on this site. But I feel better than fine now… missed that daily mind dump more than I ever thought I would. Folks who should know say I’m a LOT less grumpy. Also thankful: a friend loaned me her spare until I can resuscitate or replace my failed lap top. Words rock. Even if they are written in secret and when reread make no kind of sense. Write on…

Testimonial Note from Nancy Carlzen on Wed, Mar 04
50 cups

I have a lot of cups to spend because I’ve been a patron for a very long time.
Much of that very long time, I did not write 750 words a day. Often on those days I thought about it. I want to want to write so I never quit my patronage. I knew 750words.com would be here when I returned to my true self and began to write again. Here I am. and happy to be here—though back and forth to egg I go. I’m sure to hit my stride one of these days.
Meanwhile—Did I say thanks? Thanks! Buster (for this site and Health Month, which I still play) and Kellianne.
Grace Noyes

Testimonial Note from Donna Grace Noyes on Wed, Mar 04
25 cups

Thank you, Buster and Kellianne, for 750words.com. I love the way it keeps me motivated to write something (anything! ok well, some days, really just anything) every day.

I use it mostly to summarize the past day, but because I have to write (or paste in) tons of words, it inspires an in-depth reconsideration that is so useful. What I paste in is mostly emails I sent and received that day.

Then (o lovely Internet synergy) at the end of each month, I paste your entire month record (thank you for keeping one) to Evernote. Of course I hope you keep my words around forever, but I have been on the Internet a very long time, so I’m hedging my bets. Also, it is pretty convenient to search Evernote for times I mentioned “Beijing” or “avatar.”

Thurber talks about a figure of speech using “the container for the thing contained.” 750words is a wonderful container for many of my past memories worth remembering. So, thanks a lot!

Testimonial Note from Betsy Devine on Tue, Mar 03