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Notes of inspiration from members

19 cups

750 Words is automatic flow, every day, for at least 10 minutes. It’s the first thing I think about doing every morning when I wake up. I sometimes type without even looking at the screen, just letting my mind wander. Helps clarify my thought. Thanks so much for such a wonderful service.

Testimonial Note from Kevin Meyers on Wed, Jul 01
77 cups

I hit a million words today. A million words! Wow. That’s a lot of typing on a lot of days.

Are my words great literature? What a ridiculous question. Are they maybe hack literature? No, they don’t even rise to that level.

So what are they? They’re mine. They are my thoughts, hopes, wishes, fears, all the stuff that rattles around in my head. On some days, the words fly out of my head and through my fingers and onto the screen. Some days, it’s a chore, I’m grinding the words out, and it’s something I just need to get done. On days like that, I’m typing with one eye on the words, and one on the count at the bottom of the screen. Some days, I’m writing for a pretend audience. Some days, most days, it’s only for me.

It’s complicated. No, it’s simple. It’s Zen. It’s not Zen. It’s discipline and chaos. It’s commitment and denial. It’s funny and serious. It’s me and not me. Who I am, and who I’m not, and who I’d rather be.

Yeah, they’re just words.

Thanks to Buster and Kelliane for making a place where I can write a million words.

Testimonial Note from Dan Mertz on Fri, Jun 19
45 cups

I reached 1070 days in a row today. 750 Words has helped me battle depression and imposter syndrome because it has proven to me that no matter what else happens in my life, I write: that makes me a writer. Perhaps someday I will be a published author, but that’s a different thing, and I’m a writer either way. Thank you for the site and all the hard work.

Testimonial Note from Joy Ralph on Thu, May 28