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Notes of inspiration from members

35 cups

Just reached a streak of 3000 days. This site has changed my life. I’ve not published, but consistency with one habit flows into consistency with others. And that’s helpful to be sure. Thanks Buster and Kellianne—and all my fellow writers. This site is incredible!

Testimonial Note from Bhavani on Tue, Apr 06
10 cups

I’m inspired to write a note today after hitting 400,000 words in my 750words journey today. I started here in June 2019, and some months I’ve written every day and other months have been spotty, but I’ve just come to see how the Morning-type Pages I often write here are so helpful to my mental health and creativity. I used to try doing it in a notebook but it never quite worked for me. I’m so grateful for this place, for the creators, for all the people writing here. Now I can’t wait to hit the 500k mark!

Testimonial Note from Theresa Alberti on Fri, Apr 02
10 cups

750words.com is probably the best, cheapest kind of therapy I could possibly have. It’s a vital brain dump that helps me organize, explore, connect, capture and dissipate the buzzing in my head. The other morning I realized that, due to a change in my routine, I had forgotten to complete my 750 words for the day. I only had about 200 more words to go, but I had completely forgotten. I was incredibly sad and disappointed because of the lost moments, the missed opportunities to both quiet and tune into the buzzing between my ears. I’m happy to donate here as my “consequence,” but I really don’t want to miss another day!

Testimonial Note from Lisa Chan on Thu, Apr 01