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Notes of inspiration from members

20 cups

My book, “Pink Mattress” has been accepted by New York Quarterly Press. Free associating helped me find the first draft of poems, that upon rewriting 5-7 times became good poems. I love, LOVE, 750words.

Testimonial Note from Marc Tretin on Thu, Jan 21
40 cups

Today’s a banner day! After several false starts, I finally managed an uninterrupted year of writing every day and hit the million word mark to boot.

I’m lousy at routines. Terrible. So for me to manage to do anything every single day for a full year is pretty close to unprecedented. But I can tell the effect. With my family situation the way it is, it’s tough sometimes to have the time to really sit down and concentrate. In the past, that’s meant I’ve let days and weeks slip by without writing at all, and when I finally got the chance, I was rusty and wasted yet more time trying to feel fluent again.

2015 was not a kind writing production year, but despite that, thanks to 750words, I haven’t felt that rustiness. Maybe I haven’t produced what I’ve wanted to produce, but I’ve produced something. Like any kind of physical workout, simply getting some writing done and working that part of my brain is far more beneficial than being inactive.

But what I DIDN’T expect was the million word mark. I save 750words largely for the bits and pieces of various scenes that come to me plus notes of things I’ve seen here and there that have to do with whatever fic I’m writing. What I never stopped to calculate was how MUCH I was actually writing. Maybe it’s not a coherent whole, but it’s still far more than I dreamed I was generating.

And I have to say, the monthly challenges, the badges and the idea of not breaking a streak has really made a difference for me as much as having the venue to sit down and simply let the words flow. I’m a procrastinator by nature, and while I love my writing, I tend to put it off because my inclination is to put the things that ‘need’ to get done first. Adding the weight of a challenge and a goal, however small earning a badge is, has forced me to make something I love — and not only what others need — as a priority. And I have needed that.

So thank you, 750words! I’m off for 500 and who knows…maybe one day there’ll be a 2 million badge to earn, too. :)

Testimonial Note from NocturnalRites on Sun, Jan 17
22 cups

I’m writing for the first time in over a year. I “completed” a novel for NaNoWriMo 2014 and have not written a word on it or on 750 words since. Must have run out of words! I’ve missed my daily purging habit here on WORDS. It was such a part of my daily practice. Yesterday I began reading Louise Hay’s “Finding Water” , and it seems to be just the jolt I needed to prod me back into this wonderful habit. Join me as I begin again at day one. I’ve wanted so many times to begin editing and rewriting “Storm!”. In the month-long creative process I realized that I AM a writer, I am creative, I am self-disciplined … and then I stopped. Self-doubt, my old foe, landed back in my life like a falling pachyderm. I’m back, and spending all my cups at once, making a commitment to myself and to you that I will accept responsibility for doing consistent writerly things.

Testimonial Note from giles vaden on Sun, Jan 17