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Notes of inspiration from members

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I wrote so little over the last couple of years. Last year was such a pain. Not only was I in the middle of renovations for my home, but I broke my wrist. I was so crushed. But, I went to physio, continued my renos, sold my home and purchased another.

What was in question (and still has been) is my desire to earn a comfortable living from writing. I was not sure I could make a go of this type of life.

To answer that I have 750words.com to thank. Let me go back to last fall. I moved into my new home and became terribly ill. Guess my immune system was pretty low. So fast-forward to December 2019. I was recuperating and rebuilding my strength.

On December 28th, I came home to 750words to begin writing. I joined the challenge in January 2020. I missed 2 days and didn’t meet my full quota on 4 different days, but I see the January challenge as a win for myself. It proved that I do have staying power. Now I have a daily planner and record my writing information. Every day I meet the mark with 750words, I give myself a heart sticker.

I joined the February challenge and am in 19 days. Overall, I have 26 straight days of writing. Woo hoo!.

I didn’t look forward to coming up with 750 words. Though I continued to write, my brain dumps evolved into stories, partial stories, inspired. Nothing New York Times worthy. Yet. No longer do I struggle to find 750 words that make sense. And now, well my dream of writing full-time while living off my earnings is viable.

Never quit. YOU are worth it!

Testimonial Note from Evelyn Marentette on Thu, Feb 20
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Writing on this site the last three months has changed my life. I earned my Nanowrimo badge in January, and honestly, I am more proud of that badge than many of my other "significant’ accomplishments. Thank you for letting me vent, pray and communicate with my soul every morning. I cherish and value this time. When I put off doing my entry until the evening, I always regret it. Thank you for making this an affordable pleasure that brings me hope, freedom, space and a sense of victory each and every day. Blessings to you all.

Testimonial Note from Barbara Wissmann on Mon, Feb 03
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This site started a practice. I return periodically to deal with a particular project. I recommend it to my colleagues and am occasionally excited to see one join. I love the clean, no-frills feel. This is about getting words down then basking in the joy of having done that.


Testimonial Note from Adam Summers on Sun, Jan 19