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Notes of inspiration from members

13 cups

Sometimes I use my daily writing space for brain dumps and more mundane journaling. But lately I have been using it to write the first crappy draft of many books coming down the pike. I love that I have a safe space to work out my own thought leadership. Way to go!

Testimonial Note from Dr. Monikah Ogando on Fri, Jul 29
26 cups

After ten years of writing every day, I decided to delete my account for my own safety.

Please do not stop writing and supporting Ukraine! <3

Testimonial Note from 1231ewrwer on Fri, Jul 08
12 cups

Saying goodbye to the old page today – I did it, I reached my 1000 day streak – because of a slight glitch day in May of this year, it’s only showing as a 52 day streak on this version, but that’s ok, I have my Flying Squirrel on the new site. Many thank-yous to Buster and Kellianne for making this community and this writing place possible. See you on the new site.

Testimonial Note from Tara Baxendale on Mon, Jul 04