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Notes of inspiration from members

10 cups

Thank you very much for fixing the outage so promptly AND fixing the graphing of metadata!

Testimonial Note from Kimberly Coleman Healy on Sun, Dec 05
10 cups

I’m still waiting for my streak to be fixing, and I know how hard you’re working! I have faith in you, Buster and Kellianne!
Thank you SO much for all of focus and communication.
I’m so grateful for this safe space every day to get the words down.
Thank you for creating this site for all of us.

Testimonial Note from Rachel on Sun, Dec 05
9 cups

Thank you for fixing the outage! I kept my practice up on google docs instead, and it really (not that I ever question anymore) was reminded how extremely helpful this daily practice has been in my life! thank you for this site and all the work you do to maintain it!!

Testimonial Note from nancy s on Sat, Dec 04