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Notes of inspiration from members

12 cups

I have been on this website for many years, but I haven’t written in a few. Since my nan passed away I have struggled with writing. However, I remembered this website a few weeks ago and I decided that I was going to start writing again. I knew that there was a monthly sign up challenge and so I thought I would sign up for August. When I saw the “NaNoWriMo” badge I thought that this was my chance to actually write about all of the ideas I’ve had for novels over the years.

So far this month I have written 2,000 words every day. I plan to do this for the whole month and I will have a draft novel to show for it. The motivation to earn the badges keeps me going and I’m grateful to the website for this and for providing a word count so I know how much further I have to go on for!

Testimonial Note from Amanda Williamson on Tue, Aug 04
40 cups

Thanks, Buster and Kellianne, for providing this brain dump habit motivator space thing. (Wow! I am an awesome writer, aren’t I?) My partner can always tell when I haven’t “done my words,” as we say, at night because I am much more level after I have. So often, I find that somewhere in the middle of my entry, my fingers keep going ahead of my conscious thought, and I find in my head I never would have discovered had I not written.

Perhaps more importantly, I have always loved a badge, like the Tracy-Flickster-wanna-be I am, so those have provided me an excellent incentive on those nights I’m feeling lazy. I just earned my Space Bird and was so proud! The four chinchillas who let me live with them, feed them, and clean their homes really want me to make it to the Flying Squirrel, for rodent-loyalty reasons, of course.

Thanks bunches for all you do!

Testimonial Note from Tracy Winter on Mon, Aug 03
21 cups

I was startled to realize last night that I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of my 750 words habit. Although I’ve hit some lengthy streaks, I struggle with keeping them going; this month I’ve had a succession of four and five day runs and then breaks. For a while this discouraged me—I wanted so much to rack up those badges for unbroken streaks, and every time I’d miss a day I’d feel frustrated at having to start over again. But what I’ve realized over this past month is that what’s important to me personally about 750 words is NOT the unbroken string – it’s the going back to it after I’ve missed a day. It’s the not giving up because I’m less than perfect that builds the life practice. So thanks, Buster and Kellianne. Even though the last year hasn’t been a 365 day streak, I’ve still accumulated over 300,000 words. And that’s really satisfying :-)

Testimonial Note from Melissa Hoagland on Wed, Jul 29