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Notes of inspiration from members

10 cups

I am here, and that is how I begin many of my entries. Trying for gratitude and presence for at least one mini sentence a day, then I have free reign to write all kinds of angry and sad and boring and miraculous and awful and fabulous and mundane crap along with what I hope yields a speck of personal growth, getting things out of the muddle so I can connect the dots of the worlds I struggle with. I haven’t been ready to hop over to the new spot, but who knows, maybe tomorrow? I will be eternally grateful that this small dumping-and-building ground exists. I wish all the badges were ACTUAL badges that I could iron on a jacket! Because I would wear it proudly! But I am immensely pleased with all the ones I earned and can beam proudly at if I make it into this space. THANK YOU!! Everyone maintaining, everyone writing. We are here.

Testimonial Note from nancy s on Mon, May 23
6 cups

I’ve been on this site since 2012. I haven’t necessarily been here every day since a few years after that, but I have found it useful to do my brain dump in the morning. I don’t like change at all, but I suppose I will go figure out where we are going next, uh, next. I really appreciate that the site owners gave some of us a legacy status here oh so long ago. I paid when I could, but most months, that still isn’t possible for me. I’ll miss the simplicity of this site, that it does feel very private to me, and that I don’t have to “be social” at all when I come here to write. Those things are incredibly important to me, with the way both the world and the internet are today. Here, I can write badly, type ugly or angry words that need to be said, empty my brain of stress and vitriol and worry. Yes, that act has a strong, positive effect on the rest of my day. I hope the new site is as simple and unobtrusive as this one. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us over the past 10+ years.

Testimonial Note from Ari Summerland on Wed, Apr 27
10 cups

Every once in awhile, I come by here out of sheer gratitude for this amazing, under-sung and under-appreciated tool that has been a part of my life for SO many years now.

Keeping it brief. Just know that this site is BELOVED by myself and others. Can’t wait to see the new version, but want to continue to share a HEARTY THANK YOU to Buster, Kellianne and the others that have kept it up and running all this time!

Testimonial Note from Eric Nentrup on Thu, Apr 21