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22 cups

well well well i got to 1000 days and broke my streak, and I feel ok about it. I am hella proud that i got that done. And I continue. If i am lucky enough to have another 100 or 1000 or 10,000 days in my life, I will be grateful for this space to write privately, the gunk, the dreams, the anger, the joy. Fear and love, tiny things and large things. ALLLLLL of the dang life that life offers us, with a baseball bat to the head or gut, or a bouquet of flowers. Hahaha you can see that writing for 1000 days does NOT help with editing but that is not what it is for. It is for process. And, witnessing. I am here. And you are too! THANKS Kellianne and Buster— eternal gratitude!!!

Testimonial Note from nancy s on Tue, May 28

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