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Notes of inspiration from members

18 cups

t has finally arrived, my 500th day of writing and my Space Bird. I cannot describe how I feel. Pleased, proud, excited. When I found this site at the end of May 2020 we were in lockdown and I had all the time in the world to write. I thought that this might be something I would do just until life returned to ‘normal’. How wrong I was. My words have taken me through fear, anger, frustration and I’ve finally come out on the other side; I am much happier and more content than I was before I began. I shall continue writing, perhaps in a more structured form. A book? I simply wanted to save most of my cups of coffee to say thank you Buster, Kellianne and 750 Words.

Testimonial Note from Kate Sanders on Sat, Oct 09
175 cups

Woah! Years in the making, I’m thrilled to have hit a nice round milestone today of 2,000 days of writing in a row. Next up, trying to get that next 50K words to hit 4,000,000 words; write another 188 days to hit 4,000 completed days since joining, and—who knows—maybe keep going for another 500 days to hit a 2,500 day streak.

I feel a great deal of gratitude to Buster & Kellianne (and all the site’s members) for keeping this place going. Through thick and thin, sickness and health, and some recent periods of great uncertainty, sitting down to write each morning has been a calming influence in my life. Thank you!

Testimonial Note from Steven L Johnson on Wed, Sep 08
150 cups

Thank you Buster and Kellyanne for keeping this site up and running. Thanks especially to Kellyanne for fixing a few of the streak problems that happened earlier this year when Texas had that week or so of rolling blackouts, followed by my internet router getting toasted by some of the power surges when the power kept coming back on.

I’ve gone through a lot of not-so-great times during the course of this 1242 day streak I’m on, and for that matter during the more than 10 years of days that I’ve completed all time on here. But even though sometimes I just feel like I can’t do a damned thing right in the real world, here I am churning away at a pace that should get me to a total ten million words by the time I get the Great Griffin badge, two years from now. Currently, I’m a little over 7 and a half million words, much of it just drivel and brain dump stuff, but it’s so nice to have this site where I can go snivel and whine, then break out of it and put down my ideas and such in a private, secure place. It’s totally worth the five dollars a month.

Thanks again, and here’s hoping that I’ll be back to shout out my hurrahs when I reach the Griffin, and the ten million word mark!

Testimonial Note from Joseph Mayer on Sat, Aug 28