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Notes of inspiration from members

101 cups

This website, along with exercise and meditation, helped me out of a severe mental funk several years ago. And since then, the exercise and meditation come and go, but the words remain. My family knows I need to write my words every day. These words are the most consistent thing in my life. I do not always feel like I’m “clearing” my mind when I write my words. In fact, sometimes the entire entry will be about how annoying it is to have to write them, how I’m not in the mood. But still, I write them. I’ve missed a couple of days along the way: once when my grandfather died, once when my mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital, and once, on a random Thursday, when I just plain forgot. But it’s OK to be a turkey again for a few days. These daily words have meant more to me than I can express in a note like this. They are central to my personality and how I understand the world around me. Thank you for this service.

Testimonial Note from Ethan W. on Mon, May 03
15 cups

This is my first 750 Words Anniversary! I started using this fabulous site On May 2, 2020. I am so grateful for what it’s done for me. I am ONE day short of having this be Day 366, because I broke my streak once, about 140 days in, for no reason! But that was an incredible lesson learned, and I am now 225 days into a second streak (a couple of times, thanks to a 750 friend nudging me). Even though I write a total hodgepodge of journal entries, lecture notes, book summaries, formal papers, blog entries, listicles, and even correspondence drafts, it IS all writing. I am so grateful to 750 Words for having helped me build the habit of writing every day and for having figured out such a lovely way for us all to hold ourselves accountable. Thank you, 750 Word Makers! :)

Testimonial Note from Antje Anderson on Sun, May 02
35 cups

Just reached a streak of 3000 days. This site has changed my life. I’ve not published, but consistency with one habit flows into consistency with others. And that’s helpful to be sure. Thanks Buster and Kellianne—and all my fellow writers. This site is incredible!

Testimonial Note from Bhavani on Wed, Apr 07