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Notes of inspiration from members

35 cups

Just reached a streak of 3000 days. This site has changed my life. I’ve not published, but consistency with one habit flows into consistency with others. And that’s helpful to be sure. Thanks Buster and Kellianne—and all my fellow writers. This site is incredible!

Testimonial Note from Bhavani on Wed, Apr 07
12 cups

I want to say this: that for 12 months of lockdown, 750 words has been my reliable companion, my trustworthy confidante: my journal, my outlet for venting, my window on to a world of the mind where I can still fly. Today is my 365-day streak and the first day of my second year in lockdown. I have read, written, thought, panicked, shared, written, campaigned, been brave, been afraid, been resolute, been terrified: but all the while writing my words, each day, every day.

I hope to meet you again next year with a two-year streak, but out of lockdown at last. Thank you, 750words.

Testimonial Note from Yonmei onIJ on Wed, Mar 24
20 cups

365 days in a row. Thanks for creating the tools and community to make this possible.

Testimonial Note from Dennis Woodruff on Sat, Mar 20