The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Estelle Naff

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I started 750 with the intent of using it to get myself in a routine, a warm up to prepare for NanoWriMo. I’d never done anything so drastic before, so I decided I needed training. If I could get to 750 every day, then I had a chance to finish that novel. I reached 750, got into the routine, then was doing 1000. Can I do a little more,\? A week of 1200+ per day. By the time Nano started I was routinely doing 2000 a day. Now, I write in word and when I get somewhere past 750 I copy and paste that here. SO my stats say I type 348 words per minute. (If I only could.)
I’ve reached my Nano goal and more. I know I wouldn’t have done it without my daily dose of 750.
So write, whenever, whatever, as slow or fast as you can, with as any or as few interruptions as you can. Know you can do this.

Testimonial Note from Estelle Naff on Tue, Nov 10
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