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A Note of Inspiration from Smallest Forest

8 cups

This comes a bit late…I wasn’t very solvent around the end of August! I joined the August Challenge and my pledge was 8 dollars (or cups, in this case) if I succeeded…and I did, so here they are, as bounty, better late than never.
Today also marks my 70th day, and while I may sound nonchalant about it, to contemplate this sends a shiver of anticipation down my spine…I can’t believe I haven’t missed a day since I started writing (it’s so unlike me! LOL) and though this may seem strange (it does to me) writing 750 words has become such a a part of my life and routine that I really don’t find it hard to do anymore; in fact, it’s missing a day that has become nigh impossible. I tell myself that I may give it a miss just once, to see what that feels like, to show myself that I can do it all over again, or that the badges don’t matter, but when evening rolls around I start to fidget, to fret…once I was even drunk and had just 17 minutes left before midnight, and I was panicking openly and violently! It’s great to be addicted to something good, for once.
Buster, thanks very much for this site, it’s been wonderful and you’re an ace guy!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Smallest Forest on Sat, Sep 25
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