The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Ania

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some people think that it can be a waste of time to write here 750 words of really dump in place of writing a novel.. hmm.. novel with 750 words a day – I must consider it! :) but I personally feel that writing here has different and very special part to play in my life: I discover myself, I can talk to the darkest and most denied part of my personality – the one that influence each and every step I make, but stays covered – which is the ego; the emotion(s) that constitute our very vision of ourselves; my 750 words have made a tremendous transition through last 2 yrs – at the beginning I was not able to write one single sentence – I was feeling so retracted! but in the meantime I realized that anything that refers to me does not need to be wrong, it just is, and I want to know it and freely decide how my life should look like – thank you for that :)

Testimonial Note from Ania on Wed, Oct 22
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