The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Bentham Hurtado Jr.

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750 words is helping me discover depths in my souls i have never ventured onto before. i’ve always enjoyed writing down thoughts and keeping journals but most of the entries i make are cut short by my laziness to find answers. here, i can’t just start with a question and leave it there, that wont make 750. i have dig deeper and deeper and examine my subconscious to get those 750 out. and in the process, i find things that help lift my spirits up. it’s a vision quest in a way. and after i am done with daily journeys inside my heart, i come out enlightened and maybe wiser(?) but definitely better than when i started. Thank you 750 words! and more power! Happy Writing!

Testimonial Note from Bentham Hurtado Jr. on Mon, Jun 16
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