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A Note of Inspiration from Tracy Cassidy

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I have written for 55 days here since I started. Today, I completed the November challenge. More significantly, I also wrote a novel this month. I reached 50,000 words in three weeks. I had heard of NaNoWriMo before I found this site, but like many others my response was “Pshaw! Me? Write a novel in thirty days?” And yet I have. As I wrote the climax of my novel, I bawled right along with my characters at the tragedy that transpired. I have over sixty thousand words to print out today before I head to the final write-in for NaNo so that I can start the editing process on my manuscript. Wow! I’m a writer. And I really feel like one now, too. It all started here. This daily habit — whether I wrote nonsense, or a post for my blog, or an excerpt from my novel — this habit is what got me on the write track. No matter how you spell it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Testimonial Note from Tracy Cassidy on Sat, Nov 30
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