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A Note of Inspiration from Douglas Auclair

1 cup

So, another monthly challenge done. Piece of cake.

When I run a race, I simply don’t stop running, and I watch the little jack rabbits sprint out of the gate, but then I watch me pass them at the 1/4, half-way, or at the 3/4 mark, and I run the race, all the way, to win.

For the monthly writing challenge here, I watch 1200 people to 2000 people sign up every month, and I watch me finish the the less than 400 winners, every month.

Ergo, the one cup of patronage in this inspired note, right back at you, Buster. has changed how I portray myself. I used to be consistently ‘Introverted-Positive-Uncertain-Feeling’ in my writing. So, now, I ask myself: ‘How do I wish to be today?’ And that day, I go for ‘Extroverted,’ or, now, consistently, and recently, I’ve been going for ‘Certain,’ or if I’m a tear of a rant, I’m going to go for a big blast of ‘Negative,’ and just get it out in my writing.

It’s liberating: I can choose how I wish to be now, and I do choose that, and it shows up in the analyses. And I see that in my interaction with people now at work and at home, ‘Hm,’ I say to myself, ‘I can be dogmatic on this issue and fight for what’s right and bulldoze, or I can compromise with this person and work with them for something that works better for them and that I can live with … how do I choose to proceed?’ and I get to choose, and I see the results in their faces.

It’s an amazing and powerful feeling, knowing that how I am with other people is how I choose to be, and these fights I’ve always gotten into before, because it was the right thing to do, were the choices I’ve made, and I can still fight them, or I can compromise my stance and work with another person.

And have fun.

Since joining, and then intentionally choosing my moods and outlook, I’ve had a lot more fun these day at work, working with people, or fighting for a particular point, and winning or losing that point, but just having fun doing it, and having with fun with the people I work with, because things don’t bother me like I use to let them bother me before.

And I’ve been writing. Twenty new chapters to my story “My Sister Rosalie” these past six months and I’ve made people hate me and then forgive me and then cry as my characters reach deeply into themselves, as I reach deeply into myself, writing, and try to make this thing called life work and try to see each other as more than frenemies, but somebody you have to live with, somebody who has cares and concerns, too, somebody you can help get through their struggles, just by being there, listening, and trying to understand.

Writing every day on lets me write to my novel, publishing, sometimes four chapters in a week: twenty-thousand words, and lets me look into myself and see myself in my characters and see in other people an actual person who has hopes, dreams, fears, and a job to get done, and admire them, now, just as they are.

Gosh, this writing stuff is neat!

Thanks, Buster!

love, geophf

Testimonial Note from Douglas Auclair on Fri, May 31
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