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A Note of Inspiration from Shanna R Flanagan

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I just wanted to say that I have been a member of 750 words for almost a year, but until now I have never written one word. I love to write and never understood why I didn’t use this site. I journal all the time. I type for a living. I am a 911 dispatcher and have to write all the time. I am beginning a new phase of my life and will be leaving my job as a 911 dispatcher after 19 years. I was married last January and I am moving to Mississippi to start my new life with my new, wonderful husband. My 22 year old daughter is continuing her education in Texas at the same time. We live in Washington State right now. This will be the first time she and I will have ever lived a part from each other. It will be a new experience. I am using this time as I write every day, to write notes to my daughter. I am starting from when I was pregnant with her and will work up until the age she is now. I spend the 750 words telling her the story of her life. As I pack our things, I will pack her boxes and each box I will put in an envelope with one day of my telling her about her. I will label each envelope with her name and a number starting with 1 and working forward. Each envelope will have at least 750 words, everything I write here. I hope when she open each box she will have a wonderful surprise from her mom who will miss her, and who loves her so much. I know she will succeed in anything she strives to do.
I just wanted to shared this with all of you. I’ll let you know how it goes, my writing to her gives me motivation to continue with this months challenge. Thank you for letting me share my dreams and my hopes for me and my daughter.

Testimonial Note from Shanna R Flanagan on Wed, May 15
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