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A Note of Inspiration from Word Skwirl

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I just snagged a Phoenix – minutes ago. What’s great about that is what came on her wings. I suppose you could say with all the distance and flapping something had to shift and so it has – everything! ‘Sit with it’ (aka don’t just DO something, sit there) has become my new compass. After one hundred days of writing / dumping / getting out of the way 750 words at a time I am free to move about the universe and so choose to sit right here. If life gets any sweeter, I can’t quite say what all I’ll NOT do! Look out. The daily concerns, mountains to climb, malcontents to deal with, willfulness all remain but only as signposts, not as life-sentences or cheap suits I can’t stop myself from slipping into. Come to sit with it, I don’t believe I’ll wait for NaNoWriMo to get my book on. Stay tuned. I wish more and the same for each of you!

Testimonial Note from Word Skwirl on Wed, May 08
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