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A Note of Inspiration from Thwarted

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Well, to start off, I lost the February Challenge. I don’t feel bad, however. The flu and pink eye in both eyes can really ruin one’s day. That being said, I’m still going to honor my word (and did) and pay up.

Now for the positive. I have wanted to be a writer for years. I can remember reading a short story I’d written to my third grade class, and writing incessantly in notebooks up until about high school. My interest waned then due to that nasty little voice we all get in our heads-the one that says, “You’re not good enough.” Fast forward to college and work, and then it became, “I don’t have enough time.”

Now I have two babies (twins, who knew?) and I’m telling that voice, “When will I have the time if not for now? And I’ll get better by doing.” So, I joined the NaNoWriMo challenge. Failed that, but got 20,000 words in, which is by far the most I’ve ever managed to get written in a single story. It showed me I CAN do it. But NaNoWriMo comes but once a year? What to do? “Aaahh, Thwarted-san,” it whispered. “There is a site. Challenge yourself.” So here I am.

This site has really drawn writing to the front of my mind. It has added it to a list of things I have to check off my to-do list daily, and I love that. You know what else I love? The fact that as I write more, writing becomes easier. I had to open a new Yarny (check out Great free writing site that lets your organize your thoughts, characters, etc.) page just for the ten or so new ideas that came to my head, complete with characters, lore, and half-formed plot lines. Thank you 750 Words!

Testimonial Note from Thwarted on Thu, Feb 14
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