The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patron Liene Verzemnieks

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Today my streak hit 826, and as I noticed that, I realized I hadn’t written a note in a while. And sending part of this bounty towards 826 Seattle — today — sounded just about perfect.

750 Words has been so important to my well-being, my writing, my sense of capability, the last few years. It’s proof that I can stick to something long-term (I write three pages more often than I floss, more often than I bike, more often than I get out of my pajamas, even). Proof that taking time for myself — relentlessly defending time for myself — is absolutely worth it. Proof that I don’t have to always want to do something in order to get it done, in order to succeed at it (I have frequently started the day’s writing with something like “I have nothing to write about” or “I do not want to write today,” but I’ve learned this isn’t a reason to stop). Proof that the inconvenient is sometimes necessary for me to thrive.

I wildly underestimated that power when I started. And I feel something of an obligation to share that power with people who perhaps haven’t discovered it yet.

So here’s to you, 826!

Double Down on Charity Note from Liene Verzemnieks on Sat, May 26
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