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A Note of Inspiration from Norman E Chapman III

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Today was my 300th day of writing. Quiet a milestone for me. Sometimes I have no idea of what to write, but it then takes off like it is writing itself. Sometimes that is the best stuff I write. I don’t tend to whine as much as in the beginning even when I am having a bad day (like today). I have written stories about people, incidence in my life, or experiences that I have had, both good and bad. It is sometimes pedestrian, silly yet rarely pretentious and/or profound, but they are my words, my thoughts, my joy and my heartbreak. To say this has not been a wonderful experience or made my life better would be an out and out lie. It has helped me to be disciplined, focused and allowed me to vent or laugh. It has helped me through frustration and allowed me to share my feelings in writing, which is extremely cathartic. I have been unemployed for sixteen months so I am very grateful for this, and I thank Buster for both the format and the daily nudge. I will most certainly continue this through three hundred sixty five days, and then we will take it from there.

Testimonial Note from Norman E Chapman III on Wed, Apr 25
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