The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Lisa Mecham

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Last night I was up late working on a project. Ironically, I was writing – just not on the 750words website. And then I went to sleep. This morning when I realized that I forgot to “do my words” last night, I was so annoyed with myself. Annoyed that I was back to the “egg.” Annoyed that I would be getting a note from Buster today telling me I fell out of the running for the monthly challenge. And that part of me that used to quit things all the time started to rear its head and I heard it say, “Who needs that website anyway?” But then I realized that I need it. This website has helped me form a daily writing habit – something that I didn’t think was possible before. So I start again. Reluctantly but with gratitude.

Testimonial Note from Lisa Mecham on Thu, Mar 22
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