The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Abigail Wyatt

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I have just joined this site. It was mentioned in a newsletter I received this morning and I just logged in to have a look around. I am a person who writes quite a lot – but not as much or as often as I ought to. I get blocked, I lose faith in myself. Often, I am my own worst enemy. Now, though, I am utterly determined to get to grips with my infernal ‘internal editor’ and I very much like the idea of doing it in the compay of others who share the same highs and lows. Being a writer is the very best thing – but sometimes it is also the hardest. Thank you for providing this opportunity. I shall endeavour to make the most of it.

Testimonial Note from Abigail Wyatt on Wed, Feb 15
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