The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Lilian

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I have been calling myself a writer since I retired (as it is not polite for someone my age to do nothing). All the other things I have tried to do, a writing course, blogs, develop a series of short stories have terrified me. I didn’t feel ready for others to read my writing. A couple of weeks ago I tried 750 words for a lark, nothing to loose, and found I could do it, I enjoyed it and even that the results were fairly good. My confidence increased and I look forward to my writing each day so that I am positively thinking about going back to the writing course.

In fact, when my router broke and I had to stop writing on 750 words, it became a problem. I would stare at my useless computer screen and wish …

Testimonial Note from Lilian on Wed, Feb 08
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