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Rankings/High Scores for streaks and other stats

Currently, the only high score board this site has is on the month’s statistics page, but it’s next to useless because so many people have proven themselves capable of holding a streak (just look at how many phoenixes, pegasi, pterodactyls, etc. show up regularly on the Today’s Writers page!)

The only other way to directly compare ourselves to the rest of the site’s userbase is on the Eternity page, which compares our stats with the site’s average (the mean, I presume?), but they don’t tell you how close you are to the top. I’d be interested in seeing stats (maybe public, maybe private) that show you what rank and/or percentile you are for the following things:

  • Longest overall streak
  • Longest ongoing streak
  • Number of days without distractions/total days (also other things you can earn badges for)
  • Average words per day
  • Total amount of words written

It’s already kind of possible to find out what “ranking” your streak is at if you trawl the Today’s Writers page enough (if I counted right, I currently have the 88th-longest ongoing streak), but it’s a bit of a hassle clicking through sixty-five pages of names and badges to learn that. And, I have no way of knowing how prolific I am compared to everyone else, since not everyone shares their stats.

Perhaps not everyone would appreciate features like this that would make the site more competitive, but any of us with the heart of a video gamer would appreciate the extra source of motivation to write every day and keep up a streak.

New Feature Request Note from Stephanie Van Aken on Thu, Aug 11
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