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A Note of Inspiration from Danica West

7 cups

That’s roughly one cup for every week I’ve been doing this. I started in April, where I was going through an emotional rough patch, and found it really helped to write out my feelings every day in this private sphere. Then my words saw me through the stress of finals and procrastination, and finally, my crazy May writing goal.

This site has really helped me out in so many ways, especially through using the metadata. I struggle with depression and bipolar, so I created a mood metadata from the start, and every day I note how I feel—this means I can now see my various ups and downs across a range of 53 days. Combined with the journaling I do every day for my 750 words, I’ve started to see patterns and noticed things that seem to affect my moods. Because of this, I’ve begun to make some changes to my lifestyle—such as having a more consistent sleeping schedule, and eating better and more often—to better regulate my mood without medication.

I’ve noticed a definite improvement in mood overall since starting at this site. It really does help to write out your feelings and dig into your subconscious a bit every day, and I’ve recommended this site to any and all of my friends who struggle with similar disorders. Thank you, Buster, for giving me a good reliable way of achieving my longtime journaling and mood tracking goal!

Testimonial Note from Danica West on Wed, Jun 01
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