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A Note of Inspiration from Coffee Drama

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I have noticed that in the month that I have been using the website, I have a more balanced attitude toward life, that I don’t feel so overwhelmed by my circumstance. As Ortega said “yo soy yo y mi circunstancia” — “I am myself and my circumstance” and with 750 words a day, I am able to better understand how that circumstance (be it personal, political, social, or cultural) affects the way that I am behaving in this world. My work ethic has improved, my follow-through is much better, and my self-esteem is solid. I feel a little guilty that my focus is always on the “I” but I think that in purging all the “me-stuff” I am better able to give back to the community that nurtures me. Thanks for the pick-me up… I’m sure my circumstance thanks you too, since I’ve stopped whining to those around me!

Testimonial Note from Coffee Drama on Wed, Apr 13
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