The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patron Donna Grace Noyes

4 cups

Having missed 6! days in a row, I just couldn’t believe that I could get started again. Yet here I am. I have to say it was close.
It helped to read the notes of inspiration. Especially, for some reason, the notes from those folks who have written for 365 days in a row. There should be a badge for THAT for sure. What though? ANGEL? Maybe—they fly. Or perhaps a special Fairy Queen/King of words. I’ll write a suggestion to Buster, perhaps. I mean, pterodactyl is pretty awesome—and there is the super flock badge for 200K. Still, I think we need a “DID IT FOR A YEAR!” badge, too.
Not that I’m not already inspired enough to make it back to Phoenix.

Testimonial Note from Donna Grace Noyes on Sat, Mar 19
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