The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patron Kathleen Thompson

6 cups

I am a sticker slut, sadly. I will do anything (almost) for a sticker. I already knew this about myself before I found 750 words because I used stickers on a calendar to motivate myself to exercise, and it worked. 750 words fed right into this propensity of mine, and I am now this close to a Phoenix Badge. But here’s the thing. Yesterday, as a result of some glitchy thing associated with the server move, my words stopped saving at 748, and my 96 day streak was broken. There was some gnashing of teeth for awhile, but then I realized: I’m not writing for stickers anymore. I am writing towards self-knowledge. I am finally becoming unattached to outcomes, and stickers, and badges. I am not working for “the nod.” So onward I go! I am simply renaming the site: 748 Words. Thanks, Buster! —from a reformed sticker-slut, Kathleen Thompson

Testimonial Note from Kathleen Thompson on Sun, Mar 06
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