The 750 Words One Month Challenge

This challenge is designed to help motivate people to start a daily private journaling habit. Sometimes it helps to give a little incentive to a new activity, you know? This one is really simple.

Here are the rules:

  1. The challenge starts at midnight on Oct 01, 2023 and ends at 11:59pm on Oct 31, 2023.
  2. Write (at least) 750 words every day for this month.
  3. The words can be anything, as long as they add up to 750 of them. Nobody will be checking to make sure you wrote anything resembling actual sentences. That'll be up to you to decide.
  4. A day starts at midnight in your timezone (assuming you've set it correctly on the Stats page), and ends at 11:59:59. You can't go back and add words to a previous day.

That's it. However, to spice it up a little, I've built in some consequences for succeeding (and failing) the challenge.

Rewards and consequences:

  1. If you miss a day, your name will be added to the Wall of Shame. Of course, you can keep writing for the rest of the month, and re-take the challenge the following month.
  2. On the other hand, if you succeed in writing 750 words every day of the month, your name will be added to the Wall of Amazingness. If you had previously been on the Wall of Shame, your name will be wiped off of it.
  3. You can also design your own rewards and consequencees if you feel like it.

Want to sign up for October?

First, <a href="">sign up</a>.