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Fonts for new version

I haven’t upgraded to the new beta version yet. I’m not generally an early adopter in the tech arena. I normally let Apple work out their kinks on millions of others before leaping in (unless it’s a security issue). I figure most problems eventually rise to the surface.

My main feature request involves the font. Our current font has a vaguely hand-written sensibility which is fine as far as it goes. The most significant issues that have been noted by many over time relates to the interpretation of special characters.

Suggestion #1: Standard keyboard special characters such as [ ( , ; : ‘ “ ? / ! @ # $ % ^ & * ~ ` _ – + = | | { } ) ] that are nearly universal on computer keyboards should be accommodated and accurately transcribed and recorded. I’m always somewhat surprised and annoyed when using an apostrophe is translated into a code.

Suggestion #2: I love to use additional characters which usually require a combination of keystrokes. My favorites are bullet points • (Mac OS Option 8) and long dash –– (Mac OS Option _). Those would be a bonus to those suggested under #1 which I think are a top priority.

Suggestion #3: Choice of fonts. Allowing users to select their fonts seems like a relatively easy upgrade opportunity. Some users might be so in love with using a particular font while they type and in their subsequent analytical summary that they might be willing to pay some extra amount per month to have that option. I’m thinking you pick just a handful of fonts that offers particular formal aesthetics like Helvetica, Times New Roman, Gill Sans, Courier, etc. I’m not suggesting offering dozens of font choices. Rather, I think five or six choices would be wonderful to have. I do realize that getting all of them to operate correctly in connection with their special characters could pose a knotty problem. So choosing the particular fonts that offer the most interoperability and consistency of interpretation might have to take precedence over the purity of aesthetic choices.

Thank you, Buster and Kellianne for making all of this possible! We love you more than we can adequately express.

New Feature Request Note from Andrew Raimist on Tue, Feb 01

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