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A Note of Inspiration from Jeffrey Aurand

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I’m not sure how it would work, but when I traveled to Japan last year I ran into this problem:

Due to lack of internet access and time zone changes, my streak got broken! I wrote, just not on the site. It would have been great if I had been able to cut and paste my writing in for the missed days. I didn’t think I’d care, but I find that that knowing I’ve written for 106 day in a row really makes me want to write tomorrow! Having a streak broken due to access/time-zone changes really sucked. So I’d love to see some way to make that work. And so people don’t abuse it? Make it cost a Cup of Patronage.

That’s it: My proposal in a nutshell:

For the price of one cup of patronage, I can fill in up to three missed consecutive days. I select the options, specify the dates, and then paste in the writing for each of those days. For me, that would have meant spending four cups of patronage, because I was gone for about twelve days.

Please please please! Oh, and I go on vacation again in May, and I’ll probably lose internet access. I love this site. I love my streak. You have the power to keep me happy. I’m begging here. ;)


New Feature Request Note from Jeffrey Aurand on Sat, Jan 15

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