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A Note of Inspiration from Member Hanno Scholtz

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Yesterday, and although it will place me on the Wall of Shame for September, I let deliberately break my streak after 479 days, the second-longest one since I started writing on 750words five years ago. Over these years, having this writing challenge every day has helped me to write four books (adding to the two I had written in the twenty years before). However, I still had a blockade against visibility with my own work – none of the articles which I wrote next to these books has ever been accepted at a journal, and only those two of the books which were peripheral to my work were accepted by a publisher (a good one, at least). But was also the place to research this my own blockade – all the frequent rejections have a lot to do with the usual closeness of academic discourse, but I always knew that they had a lot to do with me, too. And so I delved and delved and delved deep into my own past, into the forgotten that popped up in my mind and even more into the pre-known that can be only extrapolated, with all the possible biases that come with extrapolations. was the right place to each day come back with a new fresh and critical perspective on the progress or seeming progress made so far, with only the diffuse emotions what feels right and what feels wrong as my beclouded lighthouse. And today, these diffuse emotions tell me that the recent progress was a critical one beyond all those in previous years. It will help me to launch, to become visible and understood, to be able to make my contribution to make the world a better place and to hold back environmental destruction, and along the way to avoid the poverty that is lurking at my door. Finally. I am so grateful for this progress. There are some addressees for this gratitude and some places to celebrate this breakthrough – but 750words is a most important one among them. I look forward to the next 479 and 622 and more days to come!

Testimonial Note from Hanno Scholtz on Fri, Sep 10

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