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A Note of Inspiration from Member Sundra Nunley

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I started writing about 7 years ago finishing the book and sending it out to agents. i received a few critique’s and implemented them immediately. Finding information on the web and at the library to figure what I was doing wrong. I have sent that book out 30 time, I have rewritten it 4 times.
I’ve tried to read the book and I don’t like it, there’s something missing and I have no idea what it is. I read new writers books and they seem to have the same problem. I have figured its the telling of the story, which makes the book become completely boring after a while no matter how good the story. I saw it, but how do I fix it? That was the question and then a friend told me about 750 words a day, and because I was writing so sporadically I felt I would never figure it out. So I started the 750 words a day. I started just writing and I must be honest the first few weeks was mostly about me tryin to figure out what to say in 750 words and how hard it was. I finally started writing other things. I did 87 days in the morning before my day started and then missed one day having to start all over again, that was such a bummer and I had no idea it would affect me like it did. So when I started again I started writing scenes for stories, some were particular to an idea others were just made up. My imagination stretched, I met my 100 day streak and the pride I felt was immeasurable.
I’m still learning but the one thing I got is that new writers tell their stories, and and and she said, he said, they sat, they ate and experienced writers allow you to tell the story with their vivid writing of feelings, and getting into the protagonist’s mind and sharing that. i still don’t have it but I’m getting better and better in my writing. I can even read some of my writing without cringing, thanks to 750 words.
Oh and the badges, oh my god, genius. I didn’t know that kid in me craved attention and those badges gives me that. I’m like a fat kid in a candy store. Thank you so much750 words. I love this site.

Testimonial Note from Sundra Nunley on Mon, Aug 23

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