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6 cups

I can’t quite believe it but this time last year I sat down and started my first novel.

I had been writing 300 words or so a day, but found this site and decided to pick up the pace. After a week or so it was going surprisingly well, so I did the math and realised I could feasibly attempt Nanowrimo, so I went ahead and did that… then kept going sometime into early May, before lockdown eased in the country I was living in at the time.

In 6 weeks the first draft was done. A lifelong dream completed. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without this site. I actually didn’t realise it was exactly 366 days ago that I started writing on this website but that’s what it says on the homepage! And so I find myself here again, working from a finished second draft this time (!) but needing an injection of fresh ideas to do the story justice.

Bring on another month of writing!!!

Testimonial Note from happy poop on Thu, Apr 01

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