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Percentage of Days Idea / Request


First off, thanks for a great site. I’ve written more in the last 6 months then I had for years before joining… it’s been great.

One thing I’ve noticed is that because I went through a slump with travel and visitors that my percentage of total days (I missed about 50 days, I know, it’s alot), which puts my days that I wrote at 71% of the total days I’ve been a member.

This feature request isn’t about the writing streaks per month, but total number of days written. I would love to see a weighted version of that (along side the real one). Or perhaps mercy days of some sort. Where basically the word count over 750 (or some other number) gets figured into an equivalent ‘mercy’ day that can be added back in. So, if I wrote 1500 words one day, I could add another day back into my total ‘days’ of writing. For me, getting back to 100% is basically impossible. It’s around 30 years from now where those 50 days would be negligible enough to round up to 100% of my days… so it’s nearly unachievable yet it sits on my profile as a reminder of something that can’t be achieved. Anyway, just looking for a way to reclaim those missed days of writing. And it would give some extra purpose to the days I go way over the 750 words! :)

Thanks again for everything!

New Feature Request Note from Jeff Homan on Thu, May 07

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