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A Note of Inspiration from Patron Andy Hunt

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Mercy Days

I’ve several times been doing a month challenge and then you just get One Of Those Days. One month in particular I was 25 days in, then a work disaster which took all my time and effort. To be then greeted with the “Oh, it looks like you’re out of the running” and knowing that you’re now on the Wall of Shame feels really inappropriate. At that point how about being able to cash in a Mercy Day. Preserves your ‘streak’, and allows you to recover. Otherwise (am I the only one?) I find it just puts a stop to my writing for ages. So that’s my suggestion – Mercy Days. Could be everyone gets one a month. Or you could BUY them? But it’s a little like sick days at work. Rich people could abuse this, but who wins?

New Feature Request Note from Andy Hunt on Tue, May 05

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