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A Note of Inspiration from Rebecca Acceber

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Mobile App!

I would love to see an app for this wonderful, wonderful site! Or at the very least, an improved way to interact with it on mobile. Any time I have had to write on my phone, it has been an excruciating experience, and in the past few days, with my laptop out of action, it has been something I dread -and that is not at all how I feel about this site!
Using it via Chrome or Safari is painfully slow, typing is laboured and delayed, autocorrects in ways that are not in keeping with other autocorrects on my phone and doesn’t allow navigation between the various pages (stats, today’s writers) in any way that’s easy or enticing.
Mobile-friendly interface, please!

As so many others have said, using this website as gentle but firm motivation and accountability has given me so much in my life.
I’m an artist and writer, and the writing in my work has improved infinitely since beginning my daily practice here.
I’ve used it in conjunction with therapy, it has gotten me through literally the worst times of my life, serving as a daily account diary and meditation journal.
It allows me to reflect over how far I’ve come, where I’m going, where I am now.
This site is invaluable, and provides such a huge service.
I want to express my deep, deep gratitude for the site, but also my wish for a better mobile experience, whatever form that takes!

Thank you thank you, and many more days and words to come.

New Feature Request Note from Rebecca Acceber on Wed, Feb 05

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