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A Note of Inspiration from Member Jacki Phillips

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Just. Do. It.
If you want to be the noun, you have to do the verb.
I love repeating that saying to myself everytime I procrastinate or get frustrated with a situation.
If I want to be a writer, I have to write.
Considering it’s what I enjoy and long for the most, it is also the one thing that always gets pushed down the to-do list when things get off track. I guess kind of like hurting the ones you love the most, in a way. Write out the sleepy thoughts first thing in the morning to clear your brain. Write out the anxiety at night before you go to bed so you can get some rest. Write at lunch time to remind yourself you’re not always going to be chained to that crappy office. That is, as long as you write. And write for yourself. Not an assignment or for someone else’s payment to you, but for you.
I heard Laura Belgray talk about the site in one of her podcast interviews and I immediately went to check it out, because…Laura Belgray…..and of course, it was exactly what I needed / need. And I am super appreciative and thankful.
Now, does this note word count, count towards my 750? :)
Thanks for the encouragement – everyone here is awesome. :) :) :)

Testimonial Note from Jacki Phillips on Wed, Jan 29

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