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A Note of Inspiration from Kristen Carroll

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I was going to quit 750 Words today.
Yesterday was one of those days where nothing happens the way it is supposed to happen, and when I awoke this morning, I realized that for the first time in more than 70 days, I had not written my words. My streak — my albatross — was gone. The phoenix that was to grace my profile just on the other side of the New Year now seemed unattainable.
I might as well quit.
I mean, who cares about a streak anyway? Who needs little animal badges? I might as well go back to scribbling in my journal.
But the thing is, those journal scribblings used to be almost as rare as a phoenix. It’s just been since I discovered 750 Words that I started writing every day. And, truthfully, I’m proud of my streak (even if I do have to start over). And I do like the animal badges (there’s nothing wrong with being an egg — in three days I’ll be a turkey!).
So, without further ado (I have just 27 minutes), I’m going to go ahead and write.

Testimonial Note from Kristen Carroll on Sat, Dec 11

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