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A Note of Inspiration from Member Neha Mediratta

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I have just completed 365 days of writing out of the total 512 days that I have been on 750 words. It feels like an important milestone! The site has helped me keep a track of when I write best, how I write best, where I write better …at what time do the words flow best and when I prefer to keep a low key, not coming in – not because I’m not writing (but because i enjoy writing longhand better than writing on screen). I have completed monthly challenges, reached my longest 127 day writing streak, or sometimes I wrote in here only once or twice a month. During all of this – the excitement of getting the badges, the anticipation of simply dumping ideas, the maneuvering of time to fit words in a busy day, even the documenting of how things were super busy – I have felt part of a community of people who do this – writing everyday – with no other express purpose than airing their brains out – and that has really made a difference to how easily I now approach the writing habit. Thank you for making such a space available!

Testimonial Note from Neha Mediratta on Wed, Oct 09

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