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A Note of Inspiration from Roxy

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Updates on progress

It would be nice if a) you kept with your promises on updates for website (especially for those of us who support it with hard-earned cash); b) you updated community on what’s been done. Because, seriously, there are some VERY simple CSS bugs that haven’t been fixed. There’s never any comments or any interactions with people on feedback/feature request page. There’s very sporadic facebook communication. And now, when you officially announced that 750words is quite a priority in your life… well, 2 months later – nothing. Nothing updated on site. No updates in facebook group. No interaction with anyone.

I am really grateful for safe space to write and this whole website. It does help me a lot. But this relationship with your customers/supporters is too much. You said it yourself: "Anyway. Enough on that for now! Because now that that’s moving out of the intense creative phase, the 2nd BIG PROJECT is 750 Words! I’ve been dying to start working on this again. We mentioned last year that this would be happening, and were a bit overzealous in our timing, but now it’s happening for real! FOR REAL. Seriously.

Kellianne and I have a BIG list of things we know people have been very patiently waiting on for YEARS. Fixing bugs like scrolling on tablets, updating your profile info, and a thousand other strange glitches. Plus… Internationalization! A mobile app! Groups! More badges! And generally making things simpler, faster, and more delightful. Without losing the scrappy spirit of it all, because we are now scrappier than ever."

But apparently it’s land of the dead.

It’s very annoying to not only to not see any improvements but encounter the same bugs that were reported ages ago and could have been fixed in a few hours by a competent coder. But it requires caring and commitment. Do you care?

New Feature Request Note from Roxy on Tue, Jul 30

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