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A Note of Inspiration from alison neri

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I have written a little over 100,000 words in the last 3 months. In the beginning it was an outpouring of mental anguish and strife. But as I verbally pooped it all out it was like ridding myself of a type of pollution. I now have got to a point whereby I am ready to be creative again solely because I have finally cleared my mind of the stored up negativity I need to clear but didn’t previously have an outlet for. There are still irritations on a day to day basis. What I am writing is certainly nothing stellar, often circular and really tangential, however, it is allows for so much sanity. I somehow almost feel lighter as a result of it. So for that it is amazing. It only takes me 15 minutes a day to write my words and it is the best and cheapest therapy ever. I am finding at the moment I am writing too late at night but don’t want to miss a day so sometimes rush to get through it without touching the baseline of what needs to be said. Even though the schedule probably needs to change a bit, it has given me a new discipline and that has expanded to other parts of my day. I’m really grateful for it. It has been wonderful.

Testimonial Note from alison neri on Wed, Apr 04

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