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A Note of Inspiration from Member John E. Ruffle

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Write and keep on writing! 750 Words is simply – at least on the face of it – a simple cloud-based way of writing without distractions.

But there is more to it. The fact we get buttons for not allowing ourselves distractions (..wait.. I think I heard the kettle boiling.. be right back.. Wops: distraction!) provides a motivation for us to keep on plugging away, rain or shine.

But the real groove happens when you sign-up for email alerts and most of all, the monthly writing challenge. It helps keep you focused. (Check the website for more info on those bells and whistles.)

But how about the actual writing bit? That’s the real challenge, but that’s also where 750 Words REALLY comes into its own. The fact that you can’t edit your work after the day is done may seem like a limitation; but it’s a limitation of genius. Allow me to explain: you’re stuck for inspiration on a given day, but you can still go back and copy and paste your previous day’s work, (or any other day for that matter), pasting it in and editing, adding and writing as you please. It’s YOUR space, after all. No more writing a paragraph and going straight back to perfect it and er.. oh my.. what was my original thought again? – we’ve probably all been there. With 750 words simply click on the original, unmolested prior day’s work copy and paste and even print it out if you wish.

The thing about writing is to create a system that cuts confusion down to a minimum. On those days where I’m editing a prior entry, one trick I use is that on the top of my new day’s entry, I make a note in capitals that I’m editing the previous day’s writing. That way, when I get to download my work into MS Word, I don’t get confused.

Using my method in 750 Words means that you need never face writer’s block again. That’s the theory, anyway; it’s up to you to make it work, but with 750 Words you never walk alone! Happy writing and don’t ever give up!

If I get any positive feedback or comments, I may just do a Part 2, highlighting another amazing feature that 750 Words can do for us!

[This entry composed and edited and corrected on 750 Words . com by John E. Ruffle, April 1, 2018]

Testimonial Note from John E. Ruffle on Sun, Apr 01

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