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A Note of Inspiration from Member Shadowsinger

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750 words is the first and only way I’ve managed to maintain a relatively consistent journal practice. Given how many doctors and therapists have told me this is important in my life, my total inability to maintain a journal beyond three or four days before abandoning it has been annoying to say the least.

Perhaps the most interesting thing over the past couple of months has been the overall increase in my typing speed. I have a job in which I don’t so much type as I cut and paste a lot, and I’ve gone from an average of 35-40 words a minute to something in the high forties. I suppose I type faster if I’m angry, but I’ve consistently been over the 45 mark for the last month or so, and that’s exciting.

Small victories.

Thank you for providing this service.

Testimonial Note from Shadowsinger on Sun, Sep 25

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