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A Note of Inspiration from Member Tracy Winter

40 cups

Thanks, Buster and Kellianne, for providing this brain dump habit motivator space thing. (Wow! I am an awesome writer, aren’t I?) My partner can always tell when I haven’t “done my words,” as we say, at night because I am much more level after I have. So often, I find that somewhere in the middle of my entry, my fingers keep going ahead of my conscious thought, and I find in my head I never would have discovered had I not written.

Perhaps more importantly, I have always loved a badge, like the Tracy-Flickster-wanna-be I am, so those have provided me an excellent incentive on those nights I’m feeling lazy. I just earned my Space Bird and was so proud! The four chinchillas who let me live with them, feed them, and clean their homes really want me to make it to the Flying Squirrel, for rodent-loyalty reasons, of course.

Thanks bunches for all you do!

Testimonial Note from Tracy Winter on Mon, Aug 03

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