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A Note of Inspiration from Sandra Payne

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Oh thank goodness for!! As someone who used to circle my keyboard more times than an indecisive dog looking for a place to nap, I’ve finally found the perfect spot to launch my writing day. Since I began using this site at the end of May, I have written for 96% of the days. It’s painful to miss a day (love those badges!), so I’m very motivated to return – ideally daily. Best of all, and at long last, I’ve noticed a huge up tick in my ability to move forward on other writing projects. All those words that have been stuck in my head, rattling around like kibble in a dog bowl, finally have a place to go. I look forward to enjoying these benefits and more the longer I use this site, which I plan to do from now until forever. Oh, and one other thing: my typing speed has improved, too! Bonus!

Testimonial Note from Sandra Payne on Fri, Sep 03

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