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A Note of Inspiration from James Roberts

1 cup

Gooday it is James from Wanneroo in Western Australia, no I am not a f…….. kangaroo, new migrants affectionally call us skips after the children’s show “Skippy The Bush Kangaroo”. Not that I was born here, migrated here at 7 from Africa in 1960.
Anyway decided to put my money where my mouth is after raving about this site for a month or so.
My next career is a writer, so this site is really disciplining me to write everyday. Also even though I do write a log or journal daily and have for about 20 years, this is really helpful at dumping stuff out of my head, which definately gets clogged up with all sorts of emotions, paranoia, and general rubbish to hamper the way I try to live my life, living life on life’s terms rather than avoiding the issue, or living in a fantasy or a false reality.
The result is my head is clearer during the day to absorb and observe or seems to be, therefore my mood though normally good is even better.
Will be in the US in July this year a week in Portland then travelling north to Canada, so may call into Bedlam Cafe and shout you a coffee. My hangouts here are my favourites. Kumara in Heathridge. Followed by my favourite near home in Wanneroo the Elixar. Last but not least Macchiato Lounge around the corner from the licensing centre in Joondalup, very important for a driving instructor, my present game in life. Must go and do some work. On ya Buster, hope to buy ya a brew in July. Regards, James.

Testimonial Note from James Roberts on Wed, May 19

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