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A Note of Inspiration from Andy Tinkham

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More badges for accomplishments

I too would love to see more badges. I only know of one more remaining (Phoenix) and I’m still 2 months away from that. Some ideas I’ve had that may or may not be good):

  • Hitting exactly 750 words in an entry
  • Something between 30 days and 100 (like others have said it’s a long long time between albatross and phoenix)
  • Having entries that focus most on each of the areas in the analysis
  • Consistently doing more than 750 words (or is this the Inspired badge that already exists?)
  • Maybe something based on distractions beyond the Undistractable badge? A longer period of time maybe?
  • A lot of the badges (maybe even all of them) could have bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels (or number of feathers or some other distinction of levels) which would provide a lot more badges quickly and keep the emphasis on the things that are important.

Thanks, Buster!

New Feature Vote from Andy Tinkham on Tue, May 11

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