The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Daniel Bond

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I had tried before to write every single day, failing, and I was initially sceptical that I would be able to this time. 750 words is somehow different. Perhaps it is the progress tracker, or the addicting badges, or the friends that brought you to the Web site, but there is strong, positive pressure to continue writing. Though the number of words required daily may seem daunting, once you begin furiously typing, that number becomes arbitrary; you finish when you are done (around one thousand personally). You will find there is plenty to say: your day, your feelings, your work, and long tangents. This is the best part about writing, something claimed in the introduction to the site, but something I was similarly sceptical about: your mind will be clearer. That is a claim I would normally shun since it is impossible to quantify, but I have been calmer, writing out frustrations and solving them as I write, and more thoughtful, able, at the beginning of the day or at its close, to work through and analyse events and ideas. And you will notice your typing skills gradually improve. I recommend this site in the strongest possible terms.

Testimonial Note from Daniel Bond on Mon, Dec 12

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