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A Note of Inspiration from Peter Tangney

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Long term eternity page

The eternity page is awesome. I love being able to track my concerns, emotions and such over time. However, that data only reflects the short term (7 days?).

It would be cool if one could track this data over a longer period. For example, you could see how your emotions have changed over x weeks or months. Ex.: Do I feel less stress than I did 6 weeks ago?

It would be a bit easier doing it this way, rather than using the metadata feature, which requires manually entering in data.

I am a bit of a spreadsheet nerd, so I think it would be cool to be able to download the data via a csv file. Or you could even put the data together with the entries themselves, which we can already download.

Keep up the good work with the site,

New Feature Request Note from Peter Tangney on Fri, Nov 11

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