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A Note of Inspiration from Stephanie Van Aken

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Improve the writing page

Here’s a (minor) annoyance I have with the writing (and archived writing) pages: the title for the writing page is “Write your words”, which is fine, but that happens to also be the title for viewing past days’ writing we can’t edit. How about having the title for those pages be “Your words for the (day) of (month), (year)”? That way, when I open a bunch of tabs with past days to refer back to, there’s more clear information about which tab has what day on it, and only the current one will be telling me to “write” in it.

In addition, being able to toggle on/off displaying the Markdown formatting on the words pages, both current and past, would be nice too.

New Feature Vote from Stephanie Van Aken on Wed, Oct 05

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