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A Note of Inspiration from Peter Tangney

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Thank you, Buster. Thank you.

750words has completely changed my attitude towards writing. I have tried to start a personal journal a number of times in the past. But, it has never lasted for more than a week and a half. Thanks to the addicting badges, stats and analysis on 750 I am now on a 138 day streak. I have written over 165 thousand words over these past 4 months. That is something I never dreamed I could have achieved. The badges and streak is what keeps me going. Seriously.

I have always wanted to write stories, but was never good at it, even though I have a fairly good imagination. But, since I have been writing every day, it is slowly getting easier to get the words out of my brain and onto the page. Up until recently, I have used 750 as a typical journal. Writing about my day and such. Over the past week I have decided to start writing poems and very short stories. The stories don’t make any real sense, and some are just plain terrible. But, I feel that this is a start.

I feel that writing these short stories and poems daily is a form of EXERCISE FOR THE BRAIN. I mean that too. Over the past couple of months, I have noticed my creative side becoming more strong and vivid, something I attribute to typing out my thoughts daily. I have yet to write a coherent story longer than a few paragraphs, but it shall happen someday.

Additionally, I have become addicted to writing every day. I remember one day having to go to work unexpectedly early. While at work, I suddenly relised that I had not done my words. I almost paniced at the thought of losing my streak. xD So, what I did was hammer out a few words on my phone when I had a moments free time. I just about made it to my goal, when I was told I could go home early. I met my goal that day. And then some!

Keep up the awesome work,
Pete from MA

Testimonial Note from Peter Tangney on Thu, Sep 15

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