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A Note of Inspiration from Samantha J. Montgomery

4 cups

I want to second a version of Michele Howarth’s idea for titles. You might think that the search function would be enough for me, but it’s surprising the number of times (even in my two months of using the site) that I’ve had to read through quite a few days before finding the particular brainstorm session I remembered typing in here – often because I didn’t include the title of the story, etc, that I was working on…

Usually after a day or two I can read something over and have a better grip on what it was really about. So it would be nice to have a metadata/indexing/title/keyword field on each entry that I could edit after the day ends. Maybe even with the option of a keyword cloud on the month stat page?

Thank you so much for this site. Every day, I can’t wait to write my 750 words.

New Feature Request Note from Samantha J. Montgomery on Fri, Sep 02

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