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A Note of Inspiration from Wendy Wallace

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Years ago, I was a freelance journalist whose whole identity and self-worth was wrapped up in being a writer. Eventually, I got burnt out and stopped writing. About a year ago, I had the urge to write again, but always feared that I couldn’t.

Not only that, after spending years surfing the Web, my attention span was shot. It was difficult for me to focus long enough to start and finish any writing project.

It took me less than a month of being on this site to restore my confidence and love of writing. I have proven to myself I can write and I can focus. I feel like I have plugged back into an important part of me that I had neglected for too long. It has changed everything for me.

Not only do I write here, I am working on a non-fiction book, 750 words at a time. Also, my goal is to be ready for NaNoWriMo. Feeling that meaningful sense of accomplishment has also inspired me to start exercising daily as well.

Buster, thank you so very much for creating this site. You have my undying gratitude. Also, thanks to everyone who uses this site and posts notes. It’s been cool sharing this experience with all of you.

Testimonial Note from Wendy Wallace on Tue, Aug 30

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