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A Note of Inspiration from Jim Ewing

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750 Words is helping me write a book and get me clear about lots of stuff and helping me accomplish the thinking work of designing a software platform. The way I write is as truly morning pages as I can do. Free writing. So lots of different subjects can occur on any session. What I’d love to have is a way to use the analysis you do, and search through all my stuff for any element of it. So the moods, the voice, any of the key words that recur strongly over time. I’d get to look at any paragraph that holds anything that you have flagged up on the stats page. I could export that into my dropbox where I can access the text from the iPad or the Mac. Which brings up the dropbox idea. If all my writing stayed in your server as well as got dropped into a folder in my Dropbox account, or in time, in Apple’s iCloud, however that will work, that would be fully amazing. Then it is instantly on all my machines with no messing around with downloads.

Thanks for thinking about this stuff. Your value set is essential for what we will all need to practice to have a life in the emergent world. I strongly support you in all that.

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